A Day in the Garden with my 485 class....each was invited to take a photograph and or write a piece of what most intrigues them in the garden. . . . . . Photo of duck waking to the morning by Vanessa, with this story.  Her story was echoed in the photo selected by Miranda who was intrigued by one of the several dolls resting in the forest. dolls form my childhood, they just liked to sit in the garden.  Sometimes they moved around.  When I slept, they danced in the moonlight.






A rotting tree root left in the horse corral intrigued Rebecca.  I left it there so Lady and Twilight could scratch those itchy parts they can't easily reach.  I've never actually seen them use it, but maybe...when I'm not looking....



Bernadette couldn't quite believe it when she saw the statue my FAs had made by wrapping me in saran wrap and clay and forcing me to lie still for a hundred years.  I turned to stone.L



TrejTrees...my favorite part of the Garden.  Lizy choose the tree I planed in the Garden room I call "Prairie Gals".   this gorgeous Cornus Argentia Variegata I planted and named for my grandmother.  The tree's name is Mary, as was my grandmother's name.  Next to her in the photos is Marc's choice..a birch also planted in memory of times past.. of a youth spent in Saskatchewan.

Marc wrote this story to accompany the Birch photo.  It is a story of his own youth.  I wonder how many of us are reminded of our past by the beauty, the majesty, the power of trees?