Cultural, Indigenous and Epistemological Perspectives in the Arts and Arts Education

Education 944-5


Aesthetic Ways of Knowing, Being and Doing in Education

This course explores the historical and emergent role and responsibility of the arts in human development, learning and personal transformation.  It examines aesthetic ways of knowing, being and doing with focus on metaphor, imagination and archetype. Indigenous perspectives will be explored examining the arts as pedagogue, physician and priest.  A study of how differing perspectives of art have influenced education and society, historically and presently, with an attempt to answer the question: "what are the vapors of influence in art for us as artists/educators/researchers?"

Artists discover aesthetic ways of knowing and the search for what it means to be human through symbol and metaphor and archetype.  This course focuses on historic and current issues, exploring alternative pedagogical approaches, including Indigenous perspectives on art addressing the importance of culture, metaphor,  literacy and influence to artists and art educators in today’s climate of standardization and isolation. This course provides important historical, cultural, indigenous and aesthetic contextual knowledge for artist educators researching the field of arts and aesthetic education.

Growing out of student’s own personal stories, this course is designed to explore various cultural and epistemological perspectives, research these perspectives, articulate them in textual format to discover how cultural conceptions of art, and the role of the artist, impact art education. From this personal base of relevancy and experience we extend knowledge and study to explore various theoretical frameworks, curriculum orientations and pedagogical perspectives focusing on how to cultivate creativity, aesthetic sensibility, and artistic expression in children and adults.

In addition to examining the experiences of attending students, we investigate various artists’ ability to seek agency in relation to today’s most challenging issues, and emerging trends.

Out of our own composite experiences of performative inquiry, we survey how differing perspectives and the understandings that have arisen in relation to art, and the role of the artist directly impact our approaches to art education and the healing arts. We will explore conceptions of curriculum, current educational concerns, and look at diverse approaches to pedagogical practice in art education and art therapy.

To assist students in making and contextualizing art, where visual or performative and written components are attended to in a manner that neither is subjugated and both are fully realized, we explore creative processes common to both writing and art-making. The students as artist/educators will be encouraged to bring together theory and practice in relation to one aspect of their own understanding of art and their particular art-forms. As artist/researchers they will be encouraged to relate the above to their in-depth inquiry within their teaching specialty and/or research interest.



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