A Day in the life of the PDP Family



One of the great delights of having a large garden is that I am able to have my students come out and become part of the joy of committing to the earth and to one another.  We always do a project of some kind.  We munch delicacies as we work, have a barbeque to celebrate our labor, and we end up in the Jacuzzi with good wine, song and the telling of stories.


A project in the garden brings such a feeling of purpose and bonds us in a way which surprises and delights each and every time.   A sweet little project performed by the 2008 PDP students was a garden wall made of river rock dropped into a ‘cage’ of wire.



That same evening found this group enjoying a walk in the forest carrying lighted lanterns that each student created under the guidance of Bonnie Fordyce, artist, faculty associate, grad student, dearest friend.


With a sense of good humor, I include a quick shot of another project created by the two faculty associates, Vandy and Bonnie with the help of artist and PDP student, Brenda Kotch who came down the week end before our big day together to swath me in wet bandages.  You can see the result for yourself.  Yes, it took eight hundred people to lug that big thing out to the garden so she could hide her belly in the geranium, Jolly Bee, and peek through the cherry blossoms at the setting sun.


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