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Eddie's Wonder: a hidden treasure in the shade of great trees, a splash of red and gold illuminating the cool shadows of the forest. The fruits of Carolyn's labour over the years, a proud expression of her artistry... and yet, we don't get to decide what goes where in nature, ultimately. Just watch the next video for proof!

A walk through Hyla Garden after a storm serves as a poignant reminder of the beauty, resilience and, ultimately, fragility of nature. As well, the aftermath shows us that, in gardening as in life, nature rules. For all of our posturing, planting, pruning and preening, it is nature which has the final say. At the very end, we can see where a large tree branch has crushed Eddie's Wonder. A tragic reminder of our place in the world!

Check the next page for a series of instructional videos featuring Carolyn herself!

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