Language Arts

Research Interests





I am most concerned with education as a means of engaging students in meaningful work and whatever that entails.

Two main specific areas of interest and research dominate my professional life. First is the teaching of writing in secondary schools with a focus on editing strategies and using student work as curriculum.

Individual learning styles is my next passion, combining the work of Carl Jung and William Glasser in creating quality school environments and pedagogy which meet student needs.

This work has taken a new shape in my desire to create effective, interactive programs for online teaching which encompasses all of the above.

What have I learned and from whom?


Research Interests/ Expertise


  • Transformative change, using the arts and cross-disciplines as transformative tools at the personal and organizational levels
  • Writing Process, creative process and culture
  • Archetypes as agents of changing attitudes towards language study

Professional Development Activities 2009-2010

  • Mediabistro course, New York, New York, six weeks – using social media to promote writing
  • Praxis course, Vancouver, BC. 3 day week-end – Acting for Writers with Mort Ransen

Academic Positions

2008-2012 Professor, Faculty of Education Simon Fraser University
2008-2012 University Teaching Fellow Simon Fraser University

Teaching/Research assignments in 2009 and 2010

Semester Course Number and Title

Educ 850 G031Creativity/Education  (18 students)

Educ 850 G001 Creativity/Education (14) off campus

Educ 401/402W (32 students)

Educ 326 C100  Classroom Management (45)


Educ 485-8W: Designs for Learning Writing (16 students)

Educ 490: Directed Study  (6 students)

Educ 412W –C100: Secondary Language Arts (45)

Educ 326 –C100: Classroom Management (43)



Educ 490-4 Directed Studies (3 students)


½ Research

Educ 401/402W (32 students)

Educ 326-3 C100:Classroom Management (43)

Educ 326-3 C200:  Classroom Management (45)


Educ 326- 3C200: Classroom Management (44)

Educ 412 W 4– C100: Secondary Language Arts (45)

Educ 412 W 4– E300: Secondary Language Arts (8

Educ 485W 8– C100: Designs for Learning :Writing (25)

Educ 490 – 4: Directed Study – (10 students)

Educ 850 – 5 G032 – Creativity/Education (15)

Educ  790 -5 – Directed Readings (2)



Educ 326- 3 C100: Classroom Management (39)

Educ 326-3  C200: Classroom Management (43)

Educ 950-5 : Directed Readings (1)

Program Development (2009-2010)


Created and passed by undergrad or grad committees, and faculty and Senate (as required) 

  • New PhD in Arts Education (with Stuart Richmond and team).

Created new course for that program Educ 944-5

  • New EdD in Transformative Change

Created two Special Topics courses for that program

  • Revised Master of Education in Arts Education: revised Educ 832-5 for that new MEd.

Course Development / Enhancement


Created these courses 2009-2010

  • EDUC 944-5 Cultural, Indigenous and Epistemological Perspectives in the Arts and Arts Education
  • EDUC 9xx-5 Special Topics: Dialogue, Relationality for Educators
  • EDUC 9xx-5 Special Topics: Aesthetics and Transformation
  • EDUC 199-4: Foundations of Personal Agency: Finding Voice and Place in Academia

Enhanced: 2010

  • EDUC 832-5 The Art and Discipline of Writing and Teaching Writing(formerly 832Advanced Composition & 850 Creativity in the Arts( (combined the two and restructured to suit our new MEd program)


1980 Post-Doctoral Studies Jung Institute
1977 Ed.D. University of Florida
1975 M. Ed University of Saskatchewan
1974 B.Ed., English University of Saskatchewan
1970 B.A. University of Saskatchewan

Qualified to use Psychological Instruments

MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)

OTCI (Organizational Archetype Indicator)



Best short story award, Sask. 1982

Best education article award, ASCD 1987

Award of Distinction, SFU, 2009

Teaching Fellow 2010


Key Administrative Positions

President: C. Mamchur & Assoc. Ltd.  1990-present

Director, AWS – Wellness Solutions - 2010

Chair – Faculty Tenure and Promotions Committee 2004-2007

Director – Writing Intensive Office – 2006-2008


Selected Publications

Articles in Refereed Journals (published in 2009and 2010)

Mamchur, C., Apps, L., Nikleva, S. & Kuraendy, K. (2010). Discovering a subject: An intimate affair. Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice, 23(4), 34-42.


Apps, L. & Mamchur, C. (2010) Finding the “Details that Matter in the Appropriated Works of Las Meninas. Canadian Review of Art Education (37), 23-36.


Apps, L. & Mamchur, Voyage of Discovery: Artful Language and the Art Student. International Journal of Art & Design Education, iJADE Vol. 28(3), 34-42.


Mamchur, C. & Apps, L. (July 2009). On the edge of chaos: In search of a process. Complicity: An International Journal of Complexity and Education, 6(2), 115-123.


Mamchur, C. & Apps, L. (2008) A Personal Path to Self-Efficacy. English Quarterly Canada, Vol. 38. 65-75.  (in press during last review)


Articles in Refereed Journals (in press)


Articles in Refereed Journals (submitted)

Mamchur, C. & Shaw, C. (under review)“What works? An Ethnographic Examination of an Organic Course in Academic Literacy for At-risk Students Arts and Humanities in Higher Education

An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice


Mamchur, C. & Apps, L. (submitted) Poesis: A Voyage of Discovery LEARNing Landscapes


Mamchur, C. (under review) A Greeting of the Spirit. International Journal of Sustainability


Mamchur, C. (submitted) Ancient Secrets of Wellness. LEARNing Landscapes



Distinguish between published, in press/accepted and submitted/under review.


Edited Book(s)

Editorial Board on Kaufman, D., & Sauvé, L. (Eds.) (2010). Educational gameplay and simulation environments: Case studies and lessons learned. Hershey, PA: IGI Global (edited 3 chapters)


Chapters in Edited Books

Mamchur, C. (accepted) “ Archetype: A Transformative Workhorse” chapter in Jung In the Classroom: Education for diversity and meaning.


Mamchur, C. (2008) “Chasing the Shadow” chapter in Education and Imagination ,London: Routledge Publ. (in press during last review)



Articles in Conference Proceedings

Distinguish between published, in press/accepted and submitted/under review.

Indicate ( R ) for refereed contributions.


Additional published work

Mamchur, C. (under review). Ash (poem) Bayou Magazine. R.


Artistic production or performance


2009-2010: author: Sunnyside Canal: optioned by Serendipity Films

2009: co-author:  feature script: Bre-X for Principia Films

2009: script editor: feature script: Wall of Sound funded by Telefilm

2009, 2010: script editor: feature script: Dead Alive funded by Telefilm

2009: script editor: feature script: Newland: funded by Straightedgefilm 

2010: Taking Risks: documentary film, FoE funded.

2010: 199 Speaks: documentary film, FoE funded.


Significant Books, Screenplays and Chapters in Books

Mamchur, C. (accepted) “ Archetype: A Transformative Workhorse” chapter in Jung In the Classroom: Education for diversity and meaning.

Mamchur, C. (optioned 2010) Sunnyside Canal, Serendipity Publications

Mamchur, C. (submitted). Crazy for trees.

Mamchur, C. (submitted) The Chocolate Bar. (Oprha Productions)

Mamchur, C. (accepted) Cassius in Secrets Grade Eight Text. (Thomson Nelsen)

Mamchur, C. (accepted) Just a Little Blue Fish Nelson Publ.

Mamchur, C. (2008) "Chasing the Shadow" chapter in Education and Imagination,

London, Routledge Publ.

Mamchur, C. & Apps, L. (2007) "Leo Adams, Artist at Work" documentary film.

Mamchur, C. (2006) Maria Kat (novella for TV series CBC)

Mamchur, C. (Creative consultant) (2005). The Love Crimes of Gillian Guess, Force Four Productions (feature film released Nov. 2004 in theaters, CHUM TV, 2005)

Mamchur, C. (1998). The popcorn tree. Toronto, Ontario: Stoddard Publications.

Zola, M., with Mamchur, C. (1988) (1990). Poetry plus I and II. Toronto: Copp Clark Pitman Ltd. (manual and poems).

Mamchur, C. (1998). Arousal (screenplay based on Gowdy short story). Back Ally Films, Producer

Mamchur, C. (1997). A meeting of minds. ASCD (fastback) (2nd edition, revised, of How to run productive meetings).

Mamchur, C. (1994) The Whole Brass Band, adaptation from novel, Credo Producer

Mamchur, C. (1996, Dec.). A teacher's guide to cognitive type theory and learning style. Alexandria, Virginia: Assoc. for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Mamchur, C. with Zola, M. (1993). In the garden. Winnipeg: Pemmican Press. (Children's Book).

Mamchur, C. (1992). The White Dress, half hour drama, CBC Love and Marriage Series.

Mamchur, C. (1992). Wolf at the Door (Regional Productions, Inc., Judy Zaztlow, Producer.

Mamchur, C. (1984). Insights. Toronto: OISE Press.

Significant Articles

Apps, L. & Mamchur, C. (2010) “ Finding the “Details that Matter” in the

Appropriated Works of Las Meninas” Canadian Review of Art Education (37) p. 23-36.

Mamchur, C. & Apps, L. (2009) “On the Edge of Chaos”. Complicity, Vol 6. #2.  p.115-123.

Apps, L. & Mamchur, Voyage of Discovery:  Artful Language and the Art Student.  International Journal of Art & Design Education, iJADE Vol. 28.3.

Mamchur, C. & Apps.L .(2009) “In the Arms of an Archetype”. Complexity and Education. Vol. 6, #2. P.

Mamchur, C. & Apps, L. (2008) “A Personal Path to Self-Efficacy” English Quarterly Canada, Vol. 38. Pg 65-75.

Rossner, V., Parker, D., Mamchur, C., & Chu, S. (1998). Using constructionist instructional design featured in two online courses: Notes from the field. Educational Media International, 25(4).

Mamchur, C.(1998) Don't you dare say fart. Language Arts, 71(2), 95-101.

Mamchur, C. (1997). Magic. In Teaching and joy. Alexander, Virginia: ASCD.

Mamchur, C. (1993). Why I write screenplays. College Teaching, 41(3), 109-112

Mamchur, C. (1992). Poor Uncle Harry. The Journal of Experiential Education, 15(3), 46-50.

Mamchur, C. (1991). Glider to hell. The Prairie Journal of Canadian Literature, 17. [Nominated best profile in a Canadian magazine.]

Mamchur, C. (1991, Winter). The babysitter: A metaphor for serious players. Teaching and Learning: The Journal of Natural Inquiry, 5(2), 12-17.

Mamchur, C. (1990). But, the curriculum. Phi Delta Kappan, 7l(8), 634-637.

Mamchur, C. (1989, Spring). Connecting with your audience. College Teaching, 37(2), 46-49.

Mamchur, C. (1989). Theory into practice: "Ship-building C+": A look at teacher evaluation in secondary English classrooms. English Quarterly, 21(4), 264-276.

Mamchur, C. (1989, Spring). Thankyou, Mrs. Farnell. Teaching and Learning, 3(3), 49-52.

Mamchur, C. (1985, Spring). Predicting teacher effectiveness: An interm report on a proper linear regression approach to selection for teacher education in British Columbia. Teacher Education, 33-45.

Mamchur, C. (1984, September). An adjective modifies a noun. English Journal, 24-26.

Mamchur, C. (1984, May). Don't let the moon break your heart. Educational Leadership, 77-82.

Mamchur, C. (1983, January). Heartbeat. Educational Leadership, 14-20.

Mamchur, C. (1981). Determining cognitive style by systematic observation. Canadian Journal of Education, 5(4), 92-104.

Mamchur, C. (1981, November). Magic. Educational Leadership, 152-153.

Short Stories and Poetry

54 published since hired at SFU.


2009:  Script Editor:  Principia Films: Bre-X.

2008:  Script Editor:  Telefilm an WIDC (various scripts)

2007:  Script Editor:  Telefilm and WIDC (various scripts)

Current Research and Funding

Mamchur, C. 2010 Principal Investigator

                                Student Response to Foundations of Academic Literacy ($4,000.)

Mamchur, C. 2009-2010 Principal Investigator

Archetypes for Women Directors (International and National)  WIDC funded. ($7,000.00)

Mamchur, C. 2007 Creating Authentic Characters (WIDC funding) ($5,000.00)

Mamchur, C. 2007 Creative Process (SSRCH) ($4,000.00)

Mamchur, C. 2006 Process of Visual Artists: A Tri-angular study ($5000.00)

Continuous work on funded research/development projects

Artistic Process – Visual arts and creative writing: Comparison of Processes (one documentary film complete, two articles submitted) a SSRCH grant.

Funding requested, under review

Re/storying art: Artists’telling of their experience and contribution to a community-based art auction project –small SSRCH, requested $6966.00


What Story are you Living?: NFB SUBMISSION A project which encourages viewers to become intimately involved in the film, in reading the novella attached to the film,  in discovering their own personal story as it relates to the film, and in sharing their stories with other viewers. (CREATED ARCHETYPAL INSTRUMENT FOR THIS PROJECT)

Branded: Using Jungian archetypal knowledge to engage teens actively. (Cocoa Cola Competition)

Through the interactive e environment teens will have an opportunity to discover their archetypes, create their own stories using the archetypes, learn from film, share their experiences and own creative work with others. This project uses archetypes and mixed web media to create a highly personalized connection amongst viewers creating an opportunity for teens to facebook and twitter about their own lives and the lives of characters using archetypes as a common thread of meaning making, encouraging players to think about who they are and how their archetypes make common links for peoples of different cultures.

No Room for Klee (NFB) is a combination live and animation feature based on a true event of how an Asian elephant saves himself and his young keeper by having his art exhibited in New York. The project involves audience in an archetypal adventure using the following multi-media technologies: pop up character descriptions, movie collages, virtual games, Face Book, Twitter, Mobiles.  (WROTE CHILDREN’S BOOK FOR THIS PROJECT)

Winter Rose: (Telefilm)  Treatment submitted for funding for first draft script: Mamchur: Writer, Becker: Producer, Resonating Films.


Proposals with funding requested but not received

  • 2009 Archetype as a Tool to Increase Student’s Desire to Read for Pleasure. Small SSRCH 6,943.00 – small SSRCH
  • 2009: Project Title: Evil Grows: A documentary: an enthnographic study explore evil and how society in general responds to it; how various cultures have responded archetypely and how one BC aboriginal community deals with violence with a particular examination, case study style, of Matt Williams and his son, Greg Williams. (based on research done for script Mamchur, C. “Cemetary Road” Myron Natwick, Producer The purpose of our project is to examine the paradigm of evil by creating a documentary film based on interviewing the peoples of Kwakuitl in British Columbia, and inspired by the sad story of Matt Williams, a member of the tribe banished for three generations and of his son, Greg Williams, now serving a life sentence in Prince Albert Penitentiary for impaling a young woman.  27,000.00 (preparing re-submission) SSHRC Research Grant


Recent Conference Activity

Mamchur, C.(2010) Paper: "Put the Rubber in rubrics" Budapest, Hungary, Conf. on Educ. In the Arts


Mamchur, C.(2010) Paper: "The Child and the Adult" Conference on Child Care in Higher Education.

Mamchur, C.(2010) Workshop: "Feature It" Telefilm, Montreal


Mamchur, C.(2009) Paper: "Let the Artist Educate" Conference on Child Care in Higher Education (refereed paper)

Mamchur, C.(2009) Workshop: "Feature It" Telefilm, Montreal


Mamchur, C.(2008) Paper: "Infallible Judgment" IAHA Conference on learning excellent, R. (refereed paper)


Mamchur, C.(2006) Japan, “Foundations of Academic Literacy” Pacific Rim Symposium (refereed paper)

Mamchur, C. (2004) “The Necessity for Meaningful Social Interaction as part of the Learning in On-Line Distant Learning Programs”, International Conference on Creativity and Imagination in Education, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow. (refereed paper)

Mamchur, C. (2004) “The Laying on of Hands” Without Borders, Vancouver, invited Keynote

Mamchur, C. (2004) “The Need for Community in a Faculty of Education”, Wosk Dialogue, Vancouver, invited Keynote

Mamchur, C. with writer in residence, Daphne Marlatt (2004) “Closet Writers Event” invited talk, SFU sponsored by Centre for Writing Intensive Learning

Mamchur, C. (2003) “The Inclusive Nature of Narrative” 5th Annual Symposium on Innovative Teaching, Vancouver (refereed paper and invited to lead session)

Mamchur, C. (2003) “Attending to Individual Differences” Thomas Haney School (workshop, invited, paid fee)

Mamchur, C. (2003, 2004) “Creating Authentic Characters” WIDC, Banff Fine Arts (part of extensive writing/directing program, paid by grants from CBC, Chum, Fund, Telefilm)

Mamchur, C. (2003, 2004) “Creating Authentic Characters” Praxis, (invited workshop, paid fee, SFU Fine Arts)

Mamchur, C. (2004)  “Working Together to Enhance Personal and Professional Satisfaction, National Public Relations, (workshop, invited, paid fee)

Mamchur, C.  ‘Adult Literacy”  Pacific-rim HUE Conference on Education, Sapporo, Japan

Mamchur, C. & Apps, L. “Demystifying Artistic Process”  San Francisco, AERA

Mamchur, C. and all of 832-5 Class “Living the Praxis”, Conference on Teaching and Innovation, Vancouver, SFU

2000: Key Note Speaker and Workshop leader). Social worker and decision making. Annual Meeting of Alberta Social Services, Edmonton, Alberta.

1998: (Presenter). Locus of control in online learning. ICDE Conference, Penn State, Penn.

1997: (Keynote Speaker). The leader of the future. IAHA, California.

1997: (Paper). Developing academic courses for the world wide web. ICDE International Conference, Penn State, Penn.

1996: (Paper). Hermeneutics to composition and back. NCTE Conference, Vancouver, B.C.

1994: (Paper). Discovering your story: Educator as story teller. International Conference on Narrative Literature, Vancouver, B.C.

1994: (Paper and Workshop). Learning style and the classroom teacher. Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Vancouver, B.C.

1993: (Keynote Address). Multi-faceted learners. E.L.A.C. International Conference, Edmonton, Alberta..

1993: (Paper). Informed choice: Curriculum of the students, by the students, for the students and their teachers. Technology and Reading Conference, Santa Clara, CA.

1992: (Invited paper and seminar presentation). Empathy, leadership and story telling. Capri Institute of Knowledge, Capri, Italy.

1991: (Invited speaker). Informed choice, The responsibilities of academics in the 21st century. Conference on Fragmentation of Knowledge. Given at Institute of Knowledge, Capri, Italy.

1989: (Invited key note speaker). Leadership strategies which enhance personal integrity and increase job satisfaction. Conference on Communication and Success, Cincinnati.

1988: (Invited key note and seminar work). The role of understanding individual differences in teacher education: A Canadian model. University of Athens, Athens, Greece.

Public Services, Workshops, Presentations

Affordable Branding

Workshops, Presentations, Chair, invited key note in British Columbia since 1990, on average, 10 per year, presenting the topics such as:

  • “Consistency in Character Development”
  • “Writing as Truth Serum”
  • “What we are Learning about Online vs. Face-to-face Teaching”
  • "Creating Curriculum in Year 2000"
  • "Effects of Learning Preferences on Leadership Styles”
  • "The Decision Making Processes of a Whole Language Teacher”
  • "Discovering Your Story: Educator as Story Teller and Article Writer"
  • "The Effective Language Arts Teacher”
  • “Violence in Television and Effects on Children”.

Service (partial list of recent activity)


  • 2009: Member, PDP Committee
  • 2009-2010: Coordinator, Master’s program in Arts Education
  • 2009-2010: Member, Ad Hoc Governance Committee
  • 2009-2010: Representative, Library
  • 2008: Governance Committee
  • 2004-2007: Chair, FTC
  • 2006-2007: Acting Director, WILO (Writing Intensive Learning Office)
  • 2007: Coordinator, Developer, FAL, Foundations of Academic Literacy
  • 2005-2006: Coordinator, Foundations of Education Master's Program
  • 2004-2006: Coordinator, Diversity and Inclusion Master's Program
  • 2003-2004: Member, FTC

    Member of Various Education and University Committees -- since 1994
    Appointments Committee, Tenure Committee, Undergraduate Programs Committee, University Tenure Committee, Field Relations and Teacher In-Service Education Committee, Undergraduate program Committee, Search Committee for English Dept., Professional Programs Committee, Senate, Writing Intervention Committee.

Scholarly Community

  • 2009-2010: Editorial Board Member: Educational Leadership
  • 2009-2010: Reviewer: Exceptionality Education
  • 2009-2010:  Reviewer: Teaching and Teacher Education
  • 2009-2010: Advisory Board: The Journal of Reading Behavior: A Journal of Literacy
  • 2010-2011: Reviewer: The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • 2002-2008: Review Board: Exceptionality Education Canada, Educational Leadership; Editorial
  • 2003-2008: Review Board: Teaching and Teacher Education
  • 2002-2008: Advisory Board: The Journal of Reading Behavior: A Journal of Literacy, Praxis Advisory
  • 2004: Board, SFU, Audio tape for teachers (support book for teachers). Cornerstones Anthology
  • 2004: Adjunct Professor, supervising student practicum, Arizona State University, Wondertree School
  • 4B. NABET, numerous curriculum materials developed., four distant education courses developed.

Professional Community

  • 2009-2010: Member of Praxis
  • 2009-2010: Editor for Telefilm Canada
  • 2009-2010: Writing/Promotions Coach for Hemmera Environmental Consultants         


Graduate Students Supervision (2009, 2010)


Theses completed

Student Name



   My Role

Thesis/Dissertation  Title

Cathi Shaw


C and I

   Senior Supervisor

A Pedagogical Balancing Act: Helping students to discover their voice in an academic literacy course

Stephen  Nikieva


Arts Education

   Senior Supervisor

Lived Experiences in Sound

Claire Murray


C and I

   Senior Supervisor

In Search Of An Intersubjective Storytelling Voice: An Ethnographic Narrative Across Two Continents

Karen Kurnaedy


Arts Education

    Senior Supervisor

A choreographer’s process: A per- sonal story.

Kevin Bespfluag


Arts Education

    Committee Member

The Elementary School Muscal as an Authentic, Integrated Performing Arts Experience

Lorna Ramsay


Arts Education

   Committee Member

Living Pedagogy of Embodied Voice

Lonnie Satel



     Committee Member

A Study Of The English Teachers’ Association Of British Columbia, 1959-2000

Supervision of theses in progress

Student Name

In progress


   My Role

Thesis/Dissertation Title

Franchi, Linda


Writing diss.

Arts Education

   Senior Supervisor

Flying Free Across Forever

Lannan, Jeffrey


Researching question

Curriculum and Instruction

     Senior Supervisor

How might storytelling as a form of pedagogy promoting student engagement be Incorporated into teachers’ practice?

Saul, Michael


Writing diss.

C & I

   Senior Supervisor

Evaluation Practices in Arts

Scott, Charles2010



Arts Education

   Senior Supervisor

Turning to the Other: Teaching as a Life of Dialogue

Birch, Jesse


Course work & research

Arts Education

   Senior Supervisor

Undeclared; Rethinking curatorial practice and the educational turn

Michelle Robert


Course work & research

Arts Education

   Senior Supervisor

Finding Personal Agency

Angela Knowles


Course work

Arts Education

     Senior Supervisor


Vera Sutton


Course work & researching topic

Arts Education

     Senior Supervisor

Personal Story as healing

Bonnie Nish


Writing thesis

Art Education

     Senior Supervisor

Poetics Of Individuation As Expressed Through The Creativity Of Discovery

Claire Carolan


Course work

Art Education

     Senior Supervisor



Comprehensive Exam M. Ed reader/supervisor


Student Name  


   My Role

Thesis/Dissertation Title

Zuzana Vasko


Arts Education


Aesthetics, Authenticity, and Belonging: The Roles of Personal Identity and Aesthetic Sensibility in Artistic Development and Practice

Jan McLean


Arts Education

   Comps reader

Looking beyond postmodernism: Art as a tool for social transformation

Rebecca Christoffersen


Arts Education


Dancing in the Belly:Performative Inquiry in  Pregnancy

Shelley Brett


C and I

   Supervisor/ Reader

Evaluation in English Classrooms

Ashley Freeborn


Arts Education



Carol Mason


Arts Education



Katerina Christofi


Arts Education



Jeffery Lannan


C and I


Creating caring environments in English classrooms

Additional contributions

  • Supervising PhD student Jesse Birch in his award which created a research opportunity for him, and a research assistant for me:  Topic: Meeting the needs of students in three SFU courses offered by FoE.
  • Received the Jack Paterson award for outstanding contribution to the faculty in 2009
  • Nominated for the Teaching Excellence Award 2010
  • Took on the coaching of Jeffery Lannan due to his needing more work (after my reading his comps) and then took over the supervision when Peter retired.
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