A Hero's Journey

Engaging the Archetypes on a Path to Transformation

Innocent Source of innocence and optimism; thinks all is good.
Orphan Feels alone and abandoned, then discovers the universe and becomes the Everyman: the part that longs to belong.
Caregiver Nurtures and cares for others, protects self when needed.
Warrior/Hero Makes goals, fights for the self, saves the day.
Seeker Source of satisfaction: wants an end to the feeling of unrest; yearns.
Destroyer Source of strength: eliminates junk in self and society.
Lover Source of forgiveness: searches for that which is sublime.
Creator Offers Identity, answers what kind of life one wants to create.

Self Archetypes
Ruler Claims own power for goodd or ill; wants to bring order to chaos.
Sage Attains wisdom, seeks truth, handles ambiguity; matches methods to task at hand.
Magician Enables you to fulfill your dreams; combination of creator and destroyer.
Jester Enjoys life and speaks the truth; liveds in the in-between.
All Archetypes

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