From "A Kiss For Cinderella"


- ego -


We need our Caregiver archetype for emotional self-care whenever we are signaled or altered by emotions of fear, sadness, guilt, or shame. Without access to the internal Caregiver we look outside for some or reassurance.

We care for ourselves by acknowledging and experiencing our emotions, not judging them, denying them or trying to make them go away.

The Call Seeing someone in need.
The Motto Do unto others. You assume you should help others.
Characters Mother Teresa, Its A Wonderful Life," "Misery."
The Setting Protective, controlling, homey, often has food, things that comfort, pets, health care items, soft couches, fireplace, comfortable big tables, welcoming, inclusive.
Brands World Trade Center, Salvation Army, Aunt Jemima.
Shadow Enabling weakness, work self and others until they drop, martyrdom, guilt-tripping.
Stages Caring for dependants. Balancing self-care with care for others. Altruism.

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