Archetype  | Babble ©Paul Litherland Date made: 2001 Materials: multimedia performance
- soul -


The Creator helps us compose a life. The Creator archetype comes into our professional lives when we create our own professional world, when we find our true selves by discovering what we love and doing what we love to do. To do this requires using the soul’s greatest tool -- the imagination.

The Call Daydreams paired with flashes of inspiration and a capacity for deep focus. An adversity to stasis. A desire to do things beautifully. A need to change. A desire to express oneself.
The Motto “They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. And you should do it beautifully. At any price.”
Characters Georgia Okeefe, Writers, Artists, Scientists, God, Leonardo de Vinci.
The Setting Imaginative, beautiful, well designed, full of art, music, abstract ideas, inspiring things, freedom, thinking out of the box, unusual, different, metaphoric, stylish. Heaven.
Brands Crayola, Sony, Apple, Williams-Sonoma.
Shadow Irrelevant, irresponsible, or destructive creativity. They may ignore reality. They may do everything for their art. They may want to play God.
Stages Creativity is limited by what is known. Following own voice. Creation expresses personal genius.  | Lonely Boy  © Michael Merrill

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