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You know the Seeker is calling when you feel alienated, dissatisfied, empty, or when you sense a new opportunity knocking and want things to be better than they are.

You can hear the Seeker when you hear an inner voice telling you that your life could be different or that you can make a difference in your family, your company or in the world. Seeking often has to do with a search for meaning.

The Call Alienation, dissatisfaction, restlessness, yearning and boredom, a deep desire for wholeness, for what the seeker believes will fill a void. The call is to get a sense of peace.
The Motto "The grass is always greener somewhere else." "Donít fence me in." "Let me find myself."
Characters Indiana Jones, JFK, Peter Pan, Huckleberry Finn, Steinbeck's "Travels with Charley", King Arthur and his Knights, Johnny Appleseed, Chris, McAndes, Harry Potter, Howard Hughes.
The Setting Caravan, camp, exotic locations, chaos, autonomous, travel, safaris, visionary, pioneering, adventuresome, unsettling, blue skies and wide horizons, anything non conformist, not revealing weaknesses, walking away from the viewer.
Brands MAC, Cosmetics, VH1, Truck and SUV Commercials, Leviís.
Shadow Creating alienation so people canít find a way in because you become too self-involved. The picture of satisfaction, of peace, of wholeness is so depraved it involves hurting others. The Seeker hurts others in the journey--discovering America.
Stages To explore, seeking external adventure, finding adventure, getting an external sense of satisfaction, finally discovering uniqueness in the self.

Untitled (Self Portrait-Hamilton) ©Christina Sealey; Date made: 2002;

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