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The Warrior is our internal sense of authority that enables us to deal realistically with other authority figures in the world.

You know you lack the Warrior when you are afraid to stand up for yourself, when you see every boss as a tyrant who doesn’t know how to run an office, when you can’t set goals or limits and stick to them.

The Call A challenge beckons. Know what you want and know how to get it. Lack of resources, lack of power.
The Motto Aggressiveness rouses, energizes and motivates. "The tough will prevail." "Forward, always forward." "Life is short and fragile - there is no time for hesiation." "No pain, no gain."
Characters Despereaux, Tilling, Hercules, Batman, Superman, Saving Private Ryan, Rocky, John Wayne, Shoot’em -up. Any success after long struggle.
The Setting Emergency room, competitive, focused, energetic, oozes confidence, sports, evidence of skill, toughness, disciplined, organized or other signs of being in control- well equipped to fight the fight- guns, whatever it takes, no sign of being needy.
Brands Nike, March of Dimes, any sport team, the military, “Knight in shining armor.”
Shadow Manipulation, evil black magic, ruthlessness and an obsessive need to win.
Stages Competence and mastery, doing your duty, making a difference in the world.

The Boxer, 1942

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