The King, from the series The Dreamer


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The innocent has trust and faith and optimism. Many characters in a helping profession begin  as Innocents with exceptionally high ideals and aspirations. They believe that if they work hard enough and do things right they will be able to help others and make a contribution to the world. The idea of becoming a coach, guide, or therapist is especially attractive to the innocent part of us that believes that others share our high ideals and good motives.  Such characters are usually innocents.

The Call A desire for purity, goodness and simplicity, a safe, secure environment, to be protected, to experience unconditional love and acceptance.
The Motto “Every cloud has a silver lining.” ”I will get what I need - it will be provided.”
Characters Mary Poppins, Forrest Gump, Sound of Music, Giosué Orefice in Life is Beautiful, Women in literature who are willing to die to save their virginity, Little Foot in The Land Before Time.
The Setting Church, Mom and Pop shop, a happy family, safe environment, punctual, friendly, predictable, traditional, sentimental, nature - a meadow of flowers, settings where life is an either or proposition. Paradise, Eden, the Promised Land.
Brands Ivory Soap, Switzerland, Walt Disney.
Shadow Denial and Repression, Childish behavior, blaming, conformity, irrational optimism, and risk taking--addiction to consuming (things, food, fun).
Stages Naïve blind obedience, dependence. Tossed back and forth between idealism and cynicism. Wholesome renewal after a fall which makes the Innocent realize that there is real danger in life---Innocence will come from values, and a sense of oneness. (Not doing, but being)

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