Author: David Bellot - Berkeley, CA, USA 08/12/2005 (Creative Commons)
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The Call Boredom.
The Motto “Lighten up--life is meant to be enjoyed.”
Characters Tom Sawyer, Br'er Rabbit, Wile E. Coyote, The Lovable Clown, The Captain Underpants Series.
The Setting Colorful, jovial, not serous, creative, designed to make you happy, playful, clever, responsive, quick evidence of the absurd, comic relief.
Brands Ben and Jerry, Miller Lite.
Shadow Self indulgence, irresponsibility, mean spirited pranks.
Stages Life is a game. Cleverness used to trick others. Life experienced and enjoyed in the moment.

Public Domain:    * Bildbeschreibung: Keying Up - the Court Jester     * Datum: 1875     * Künstler: William Merritt Chase     * Technik: Öl auf Leinwand     * Maße: 100.97 x 63.2 cm     * Ort: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

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