TitleThe Progress of Love (The Lover Crowned) DescriptionSigned on the step at lower left center: fragonard; CreatorJean-Honoré Fragonard, European, French, 1732-1806 MuseumThe Frick Collection, New York, New York, USA. 15.1.48 Henry Clay Frick Bequest Be
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Sometimes, in the grip of the Lover archetype, we need all of the strength of the Ego archetype to keep us from doing things we might later regret. And, of course, we don’t always succeed.

Through the Lover archetype, we become aware of what MOVES us -- in a sense, what calls to us on a deeper level.

The Call Infatuation, seduction, falling in love with a person, cause, work or product, desire to be alive, hunger to continue, to be whole. It is an appetite for life, a commitment to things sensual and satisfying and life giving.
The Motto "Follow your bliss." "Love all creation."
Characters Romeo and Juliet, Casablanca, Elizabeth Taylor, Titanic, Fatal Attraction, St. Francis of Assisi, Gift of the Magi, Mother Teresa, War of the Roses, The Sound of Music. Vampire characters, the Devil.
The Setting Beautiful, glamorous, pleasurable, sensuous, romantic, superficial and good looking. Feeling special, charming or sexy, things which encourage romance, being liked, good food, idealized quality, or spiritual things if it is a spiritual love that calls.
Brands Hallmark, Twilight.
Shadow Promiscuity, obsession, jealousy, and envy, puritanism, a need to devour the object of love, to destroy.
Stages Seeking great sex or romance, following your bliss or being committed to whom you love, ecstasy, self acceptance, a feeling of being whole, of life being satisfying and satisfied.

Penny  © Marisa Portolese; Date made: 2002;

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