Rydberg, Viktor. 1906. Teutonic Mythology Vol. I. Facing page 174. Digital reproduction obtained from the Internet Archive at


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The Call Hunches, extrasensory or synchronistic experiences. Want to alter the known world. Transformation, healing power.
The Motto "I will make your dreams come true." "Things are broken and need fixing."
Characters Martin Luther King, Scientists, Shamans, The Tempest, legendary figures, Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, Merlin in Camelot. Not the centre of power, but on the sidelines. Loki, Darth Vader--the dark side of Magician.
The Setting High-tech, very sensual dark rich colors, mystical signs of high performance, the occult, high standards, idealistic, things which suggest possibility, or mystical ancient or transformational, tools of change, obvious self-awareness.
Brands Dalai Lama, MasterCard--"for everything else there's MasterCard".
Shadow Manipulation, evil black magic, sorcery. Has a sick view of the “known” world. It could be the magician himself that needs healing.
Stages Magical moments. Deep engagement. Miracle worker--something greater then expected.

rontispiece from book. Fetich Magician with horns, wooden mask, spear, and sword ; dress of leaves of palm and plantain. ource=Fetishism in West Africa: Forty Years' Observations of Native Customs and Superstitions Date=1904

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