Magician Introduction


It is a magician’s call to make your dreams come true. As a teacher, that is what gives me the greatest pleasure. Many speak of those moments when the student “gets it”, the aha moments of understanding what is being taught. Those moments are nice, but what has made teaching, and continues to make teaching the calling that I find irresistible, is the fact that I can help to make someone’s dream come true.

Graduate Students

How one makes a student’s dream come true manifests itself in a myriad of ways. One of those ways is having my graduate students find the topic which stimulates the mind and stirs the heart, and then finding a way to research that topic and write a thesis or dissertation that reflects their knowledge and passion.

"The Path to Successful Thesis Writing"

Professional Development Programs

I think the real reason I was invited to apply to join the ranks of the education faculty at SFU by George Ivany back in 1979 was because I was first and foremost, a teacher. I had been a classroom teacher for years before I decided to turn my attention to university life. George wanted professors who had credibility with practicing teachers, and I seemed to meet that criteria.

For my first five years at SFU, I focused most of my energy in the Professional Development Program. It has remained one of my greatest pleasures to teach wit faculty associates and school associates and fledging teachers in training.

I’ve been lucky. I have acted as the faculty member for 27 modules, usually the Secondary Module, dedicated to the professional development of secondary teachers. That’s a great challenge – provide a program that can make their drams come true, that can give them the courage and knowledge and set of experiences that will enable them to join the profession they long to join – teaching.

This last year was a special challenge. Create a program that kept the

Another way that I try to make dreams come true is to create programs that will provide students every opportunity for success. This year, in my PDP program, I worked with my Faculty Associates to create a program that met three essential aspects of the Professional Development Program: was relevant for students, dealth with the three aspects of the program, essentially teacher as person, teacher

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