Art by Banksy


- soul -


Once we realize that the dragon is a part of us, and not an external force, we are more in charge of the way we respond to it.

The Call Feeling of powerlessness, angry, mistreated, and undersigned.
The Motto "If you are going to live outside the law, you have to be honest and have to cut your loses."
Characters Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Gandhi, Zorro, Robin Hood, Banksy.
The Setting Liberal, radical, cutting edge, counter-culture, music, innovative, abstract, modern, non materialistic, posters and campaigns, a sense of social consciousness.
Brands Apple Inc., Harley Davidson.
Shadow Behaving in criminal or evil ways.
Stages Identifies self as outsider, flying in the face of conventions. Behaves in disruptive ways, becomes a rebel.

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