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The Call Confusion, doubt and a deep desire to find truth
The Motto “The truth will set you free.”
Characters Albus Dumbledore, Dr. Spock, Oprah Winfrey, Jiminy Cricket, Sherlock Holmes , The Scholar, Sleuth, Wisdom Figure, Yoda
The Setting University, research lab, a place of learning, collegial culture because people work together, complex, sophisticated, signs of intelligence. All arts are evident, nothing that is ordinary. All evidence of advanced learning and curiosity. The temple is a place of learning- The Long Room in Trinity University in Dublin.
Brands Harvard, Oprah’s Book Club, Trinity.
Shadow Dogmatism and disconnection from reality, critical, judgmental, pompous, “above it all”. Unfeeling, disconnected. The Ivory Tower.
Stages Search for truth-- Skeptical expertise and awareness (fall is about realization that not all experts agree, there is no absolute truth)-- wisdom and mastery, an understanding of context, achievement of truth that is only experienced, not measured.

Innocent | Orphan/Every PersonCaregiver | Warrior/Hero | Explorer/Seeker | Rebel/DestroyerLover | Creator | Ruler | Sage | Magician/Trickster | Jester | All Archetypes

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