SageI've been lucky. I started teaching when I had nothing but instinct and a love of the arts and the enthusiasm of all my teenage years to guide me. Instinct told me that it is was crucial to form meaningful, trusting relationships with students and parents and to encourage personal development through artistic processes and encounters. Since then, I have only deepened those conviction and have combined the work of Jung and Glasser in constructing quality school environments and apply their theories to a form of pedagogy which centers on students' deep and successful engagement with something they care about while working with people who care about them.

My life has led me to many wonderful people. Mary Budd Rowe to help me understand inquiry and wait time. Dorothy Heathcote to learn about the power of improvisation and dropping to a universal level in the work I do. Isabel Myers and Mary McCaulley and Gordon Lawrence to introduce me to psychological type theory as a way to grow and develop and inspire others, Harry Crews to teach me the power of the narrative, Selma Wassermann to show me how to create programs that make a difference in people's lives. My debt to them is huge.

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