Affordable Branding



Cities have paid upwards to 2 million dollars for a brand, a slogan, to sell their town.  Companies often pay up to 200 thousand.



Indianapolis paid $400,000.00 for their slogan ,“Raising the Game”, after scrapping “Restart your Engines”.

Washington State paid $200,000.00 for Say Wa? (And scrapped it.)

As part of a $600,000.00 campaign to reduce tension between city and country dwellers, branders coined, “Saint Lou is all within reach”.

Branding is in.  It helps.  But it doesn’t have to bankrupt the city coffers.

Dr. Carolyn Mamchur, author, professor, president of C. Mamchur & Assoc. an her team, expert in perceptual psychology and Jungian archetype, have successfully consulted to health, business and education for twenty five years.  This company can do the job for $10,000.00 or less.

Five Easy Steps to Success

  1. Chat online and by phone to discuss client needs
  2. Complete questionnaires and surveys provided by C. Mamchur to determine archetypes and mission/vision/needs.
  3. Invite Dr. Mamchur and her team to your town or city or organization head quarters
  4. Be one of the key people to be interviewed (5-20 key people, depending on your industry, your history, your intention)
  5. Receive three possible slogans that brand your city sent to you within three weeks of the interviews.

Cost:  $6,000.00 for the team’s time and expertise.   Plus expenses.    Expenses include business class flight, four star hotel, meals, and any cost associated with distribution and collection of surveys or questionnaires.  If travel to another city or country is required, travel time is added at the cost of $1,000.00 a day.

You will save money because:

Contact C Mamchur & Assoc. at today.  It’s the first of five easy steps to success.



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