Provides workshops, retreats, programs, key note presentations and personal coaching

Works with organizations to identify unconscious archetypal stories, so that teams and organizations can learn what motivates their leaders and employees, what values are deeply held by their corporate cultures, and what brand identities will help them connect more readily with customers.

Works with organizations to re-engineer in times of change.

Works with organizations to design, deliver, evaluate programs to increase intellectual capital.

Works with organizations in creating quality work places.

Works with organization to change the culture to one of an efficient, healthy company where individuals can achieve personal and professional satisfaction in times of fiscal restraint.

Works with those in public positions, such as banks, lawyers offices, where the “public face” is important in creating an atmosphere of competence and unity.



What clients, students, and workshop participants have said about Carolyn Mamchur as a teacher and consultant:

“Enthusiastic! Intelligent! Well prepared!”

“Gave me the confidence I needed to take a leadership role.”

“Challenged me over and over again.”

“Her empathy, risk taking, unbelieveable human ability to motivate & inspire make her the best workshop leader I have ever experienced.”

“Extremely valuable content; masterful delivery; warm and caring interactions in a business setting.”

“I want to thank the company for this opportunity. It has changed both my personal and professional life.”

“This program was very well designed and organized. It succeeded in all areas and was inspirational in both tone and content. It was outstanding.”

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