Education 819: Studies in Teacher-Student Interaction

Education 832: The Art and Discipline of Writing and Teaching Writing

Education 850: Creativity and Education

Education 944: Aesthetic Ways of Knowing and Education

New Course as part of the new PhD Program in Arts Education to begin spring of 2011: Cultural, Indigenous and Epistemological Perspectives in the Arts and Arts Education


Education W412-4: Designs for Learning Language Arts Secondary


Education W485-8: Designs for Learning Writing

Education 326: Classroom Management


Education 199-4:  Foundations of Personal Agency:  Finding Voice and Place in Academia


FAL X99: Foundations of Academic Literacy

Professional Development Program

Secondary Module: Organizational Structure

PDP Family: A day in the life of the PDP family

Use of Psychological Type: Options (copyright instrument for use during PDP ONLY)(to use otherwise, contact C. Mamchur




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