Creativity and Education


Education 850

Course Outline

This course would be useful for artists who want to understand their own artistic process; teachers who want to increase their ability to foster creativity in the classroom; students earning a Master’s Degree in the Fine Arts program; anyone wanting to hone their writing skills.

This course is designed to:

Engage students in examining the “creative habit” of discipline and ritual and personal orientation and observation and discovery.

Explore one’s creative DNA – that is, the natural preferences one has in creating and in thinking about creativity.

Discover methods of creating the conditions that invite creativity in the classroom.

Enable students to create a product of their choice (writing, music, visual art, dance, etc.) which works through four distinct phases:

discovering a subject

sensing an audience

searching for specifics

creating a design.

Students will be expected to:

Keep an autobiographical journal of their creative process. 25%

Create a piece of creative work in their field of interest and or expertise. 50%

Present evidence of understanding how to transfer the knowledge gleaned in this class to the classroom. 25%

Recommended Text

Tharp, Twyla (2003) The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life. New York, New York, Simon & Schuster. ISBN 0-7432-3526-6

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