Education W412-4: Designs for Learning Language Arts Secondary

This Writing Intensive course prepares secondary teachers to teach language arts in a creative and practical manner.  It is available both on line and in a face-to-face course.  The goal of this course is to improve the student and practicing teacher’s chances for having an educated imagination and passing this gift onto their students.

Education W485-8: Designs for Learning Writing

This course is designed to help students become better teachers of writing. Students will be involved in four aspects of teaching writing: teacher as writer, teacher as teacher of writing skills, teacher as researcher, teacher as developer of curriculum. Techniques for providing effective writing experiences will be studied, demonstrated and practiced. Prerequisite: EDUC 401/402 .


Education 326: Classroom Management

This practical course prepares elementary and secondary teachers to feel a real sense of presence and comfort in the classroom by teaching classroom management in three units of study: Creating Meaningful Relationships,  Doing Worthy Work and Designing the Classroom as a Place where students and teachers like to be.  It is available both on line and in a face-to-face course.

Education 199-4:  Foundations of Personal Agency:  Finding Voice and Place in Academia

This course is designed to welcome students to the university and give them the confidence and skills and knowledge necessary to transition from another life, be in a different culture, a different focus in life, a different level of study, to life at the university to assure the greatest opportunity for personal satisfaction and professional success.  Students from all faculties are welcome.

FAL X99: Foundations of Academic Literacy

FAL is a program designed to welcome students to Simon Fraser and provide them with a variety of opportunities to explore the university and the supports it offers; to develop the reading and writing skills that will be expected of them, and; to develop the attitudes and habits that will help to make their university experience both personally satisfying and academically successful.

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