Crazy for Trees

Cabin Drawing


I am so excited, I have something new to add to this page, at last! It is the synopsis of the book I have just finished. I hope you enjoy it and are just dying to read the whole thing. (As soon as it is published, of course). Let me know. You can contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.

What do you call a person who mortgages her home to purchase three acres in Northern Washington to clear a forest and create a botanical garden?

Crazy for Trees, what else?

And what would you call the book she writes to describe the process?

Crazy for Trees, of course.


And what would the web site that invites folks to visit the garden and the book and the author through the wonders of virtual communication?

You've got it, Crazy for Trees.

Welcome to my site and this first picture of the cabin.

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