Crazy for Trees


Cabin Long View

Photos are by Roni Haggarty (principle photographer), Gary Irvine and Ron Long.

Painting by Leo Adams Painting by Leo Adams

How and why would an almost old lady want to tackle the making of a three-acre garden in the middle of a forest, at the foot of a mountain, overlooking the sea? This book tries to answer that question using:

Narrative: stories about the life of a woman and her child and her dog and her garden.
Philosophy: making sense of life by examining the ways and whys of gardening.
Practical Instruction: a down to earth guide for creating a garden in the wilderness.
Beauty: sensuous and illustrative photography, and interpretations of the garden by various artists, including Yakima artist, Leo Adams.

Butterfly on Flower

Probably closer to biography than anything I've written, this book tells how I passed from the twentieth century to the twenty-first century with the most grace and hope and happiness and sense of tranquillity and fulfillment possible for me.

By describing my little piece of heaven, I welcome the reader to vicariously enjoy the humour and wisdom Crazy for Trees might offer, and perhaps, be motivated to create your own little piece of heaven in a remote three acres or in some forgotten back alley in a planet gone feverish with the need to do more, and more and more, faster, and faster and faster, with barely a moment to catch a breathe, a butterfly, a falling leaf.

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