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There is always something new happening in a garden of this size. Always some new project.

At some point in the making of this garden I realized that it was going to be more than a botanical garden. Just the cost of the making and keeping of such an enterprise demands that it has to, at some time, begin to be more than a private garden. It has to become a renewal source of pleasure and creativity and income.

But how? As a propagation source for a nursery? As a nursery? As a B&B? As a garden open to the public? As a living store where art can be displayed and purchased? As a meeting place where I can continue my teaching and consulting, offering a retreat for the spirit, the body and the mind?

The possibilities are enormous. Right now, it is a place where family and colleagues meet. Already artists, photographers, sculptors are visiting the garden to work as a place of inspiration. It was always my hope that it would be a haven for people of like minds to join in the spirit of creativity and respect for nature. I am thrilled at how this is just naturally happening. If you are interested in learning more about the garden and how you might see it ,and spend a night or two in the little camper turned gypsy caravan, please contact me at

The most recent project is erecting fences around the garden.  I wasn't sure about fences.  What did Robert Frost say, "Something there is that loves a fence". Well, I wasn't one of those.  I wanted the landscape to roll, one person's property enhancing the other's.  My Hydrangea only making her Weeping Willow all the more beautiful.  But then I got the idea, "horse".  I wanted one.  Had to have one.  And so the building of fences . . . ..

All kinds of fences.  Fences to hide the neighbor's garbage, fake walls as fences, fences to enhance the beauty of the garden, and then, eventually, soon, I hope, offer safety to my new friend, Equus.

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