Recent Projects


The Archetypes in Education

      Outline of a text for educators:  A Hero's Journey: Archetypes and Educators

The Dinner Party

           Two act play based on snippets and stories form the diary of Verne Powers, my dearest friend and room mate who temporarily traded me in for Tennesee Williams in the 80s.   The place: Tenessee's home in key west.  The characters: Tennessee Williams, Verne Powers, Elizabeth Taylor, and Rose Williams, Tennessee's sister, visiting from her "resting" home in New York.  Also present, but in cardboard cut out, present and influential nevertheless, are Richard Burton, Montgomery Cliff and Tennessee's dead lover ,Frank Merlo, in a picture situated prominently on the dining room table.



The Sun, the Moon, The Stars

A three part trilogy consisting of nine novellas. The first three revolve around Maria Kat, a girl with magical powers and a sweet heart. The second three tell the story of her twin sister, Theresa who has no magical powers and a darkened heart. The final trilogy finds the two women as adults discovering their place in the world tragically, until they find one another and become united.  Archetypal in nature, the trilogies provide the hero's journey, where Maria is the bright and Theresa the shadow side of the same person, who finds peace only when the two are honored and reconciled.  It is a story of passion and pain and individuation.

Lively Words for Lively Minds

A text for middle school teachers of English, Sage Publ.

Raising the Rood on Intellectual Capital

A text on personal and professional development using Jungian Type Theory.

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