Favored Research Methods

In order to insure a holistic and transformational approach to my research, I employ a variety of methods, some traditional, as interviewing and documentation; some less traditional, as narrative inquiry; and others new on the lexicon of mixing symbol and science, as imaginal inquiry and arkhelogy.


Leo Adams: A Case Study.

Leo Adams has been hailed "Yakima Nation's Artistic Genius" (Labberton, 2007). That and the fact that Leo is a close friend, willing to invite us into his home as he prepared for a show, made him the prefect subject to explore our theories about artistic process...

Completed documentary ...Leo Adams


Evil Grows: A Documentary

Great stories are created by powerful and mysterious inner processes (Bonnet, 2006). The purpose of this project is to examine the paradigm of evil by creating a documentary film based on interviewing the peoples of Kwakuitl in British Columbia, and inspired by the sad story of Matt Williams, a member of the tribe banished for three generations and of his son, Greg Williams, now serving a life sentence in Prince Albert Penitentiary for impaling a young woman.

SSRCH application - recommended if funding available.  Seeking more funding possibilities - interested parties please contact

Full Application: SSRCH: Evil Grows

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