Children's Books:

The Popcorn Tree,  

In the Garden.

Poetry Plus I and II (numerous poems under pseudonyms and creation of teacher tasks)          





Psychology Texts:        Insights                                                

                                                          A Teacher's Guide to Cognitive Type Theory and Learning Style

                                                         How to Run Productive Meetings






Chapters in Books:                "Magic" in Teaching and Joy

                                            "Chasing the Rainbow" in Jung and Imagination

                             "I did it my way" in Becoming a Teacher

Screen Plays


Arousal--Barbara Goudy short story, Back Alley Films.

The Whole Brass Band--Anne Cameron novel, Credo Group.

Swanp Angel--Ethel Wilson novel, Face to Face Films.

Based on optioned life story

The Gillian Guess Story--The story of juror who had affair with Peter Gil while he was on trial for murder, Angus Fraser-writer, Carolyn Mamchur, creative consultant, Force Four Productions.

Cemetary Road--The story of Patricia Scott, who married and was killed by Greg Williams while he was serving a life sentence for murder, Myron Natwick, Producer.

Wolf at the Door--The story of a boy surviving Russian persecution of the Jews in 1908, Regional Productions.

Original Scripts--Praxis Award Recipients

The Sunnyside Canal, optioned by Seredipity Films

Geraniums are Red--available for optioning. Synopsis and scripts available from Praxis or contact me.


The White Dress--half hour drama written for CBC Love and Marriage series.

In development:

BreX - script with Richard Craven, Principia Productions.

Animated feature: No Room for Klee ( for details, click on Klee)

To option any existing scripts or to contract with Carolyn Mamchur to write a script, please contact me.

Present Projects

The Sun, the Moon, the Stars: three trilogies (for details, click on three trilogies)


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