Word Doctor

Need someone to help you with that letter of apology? That love letter? That important e-mail to ask for a raise?

Call the word doctor to help in personal communication.

Need someone to edit your script? Your short story? Want professional feedback before you send your work out to a publisher, producer?

Call the word doctor to help you as a writer.

Having trouble with that difficult memo? Getting a "no" when you want a "yes?" Are you told your e mails have a rough edge to them? Do you spend hours trying to compose that all important message and still feel unsatisfied with the kind of response you get as a result of the communication?

Call the word doctor to help in your business effectiveness.

Want to tell your story as a way to preserve family history for your grandchildren.

Call the word doctor to help your tell your personal story.

Carolyn Mamchur has offered professional assistance as coach and editor for over 25 years.

Getting the words right can make all the difference to the success of your communication. There are four crucial aspects to writing anything from that request for an invitation to a birthday party to that memo describing a major shift in corporate policy.

Most errors in writing are caused by a lack of attention to one of these four areas:

Focus your subject

Sense your audience

Search for the right specifics

Create the most effective design

C. Mamchur can help you avoid these errors and get the results you want.

Reasonable, competitive rates

Individual attention

Prompt response

High success rate

Serving personal and professional needs.

Editing, revising, proofreading

Business Letters


Personal Letters




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