Carolyn Mamchur offers a variety of workshops, programs, and private consultations for business, schools, and other writers.

Telling your Story

Thinking on Paper

Psychological Type as a Tool for the Writer

Creating Authentic Characters

Developing a Sound Writing Program

Creative Writing as a Tool in Personal Type Development

Programs and workshops developed to serve your needs

At the university, she teaches writing courses in the Department of Education and has a Distance Education course on the teaching of writing based on four distinct and teachable aspects of writing process.

In the business world, she teaches CEOs to write presentations, speeches, memos, proposals. She develops programs,teaching whole departments the art of creative writing as a way to develop meaningful relationships in team building, has taught creative writing as a way to develop intuition. She offers workshops and e mail courses on improving writing skill and audience impact.

For writers, producers and directors through such groups as Praxis Centre for Screenwriters and Banff Centre for the Arts, she teaches a program on how to create authentic characters.

For teachers, she creates programs, gives workshops, offers consultation on the art of teaching writing with a focus on teacher as writer and teacher of writing.

To discuss the program/retreat/training opportunity that would meet your needs,contact me.

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